We’ve always been laser-focused on making the best reports on the market. And that is why we excel for supporting multi-inspector firms.

A Focus on Excellence

ScribeWare provides your company with a tool that supports YOUR business model and helps you leverage YOUR reports as your best sales and marketing tool. How do we do this? 

  • Full report customization to set you apart
  • A beautiful, easy-to-read report that earns the trust of your clients and agents
  • Fast, easy-to-create reports that keep your team efficient and consistent
  • A stable, fast, cloud-based platform with real-time syncing that keeps your team moving

Cost Advantage

ScribeWare is nearly half the cost of our closest competitor for multi-inspector firms. Each additional Scriber on your team is just $49.

State-of-the-art Cloud-Based Platform

ScribeWare is not web-based software, so it’s less dependent on servers. Our database lives on your devices and is backed up by the cloud, so inspectors can work naturally offline and then sync when online. Advantages this provides include:

  • Report templates can be modified even when offline
  • The mobile app works the way it should wherever you are
  • Improved workflow stability – you only need servers to publish a report, so the report-writing can be done in the field or anywhere else
  • Your data is securely stored on the web, so you can access it even if you lose a phone or device

Show me the pictures! 

ScribeWare displays the photos used in your report. No more clicking to open photos in a finished report. ScribeWare also does not downgrade photo quality, so if you use a high-quality mobile phone, you will be sending those high-quality images to your clients. 

Connecting narratives to descriptions

By connecting narrative comments to descriptive fields, a large company can build its knowledge and logic into its template; this makes onboarding a new employee easier and less risky. This water heater video will show an example. It will also give you a taste of ScribeWare’s live synching and mobile app workflow. 

Team inspections

ScribeWare works amazingly well for team inspections. Just turn your team loose on a large project; all the data will sync together automatically. You can have nearly live syncing if you have Wi-Fi or a decent cell connection. With poor or no service, just turn syncing off and have everything meld together when you return to the office. 

Flagging of required features and items for review

Our required fields feature and flagging functionality allow you to set specific data within the report that each inspector needs to gather while on site. This helps you ensure consistent quality between inspections and inspectors. Comments can also be flagged for review by senior staff; just a quick glance at the home page will allow admin and senior staff to see if required fields require review (see below).

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Real-time support

We have a built-in “get help” button that contacts our support team instantly and sends them trace logs to help them diagnose any issues that might arise quickly and accurately so your team can get back to work quickly.

White-glove Service

Scribeware is a smaller company. You are important to us. You’ll get our very best in service from real home inspectors. 

Sharing Templates and Library Changes Across a Company is a Breeze

In Scribeware, when you save a template or library change, that change becomes instantly available across your whole team. This feature makes updating your templates a LOT easier. Of course, we have controls to manage who can edit templates and libraries.

Make your reports unique to YOUR company

Why would you send out reports that look exactly like your competition? ScribeWare is entirely customizable. You have unlimited modifiers that can be saved by template, you can have unlimited boilerplate for the beginning of a report, you can have a multitude of summary page customizations… and that is just the beginning. We also offer custom CSS that can change the overall look of your HTML and PDF reports, and we support custom URLs, so you can make it look like the report comes from your own email server. See our sample reports to see what other Scribers have done. 

Performance you can trust

Our priority is stability. ScribeWare has a real beta program, which means we can push out updates and test them before they go live in our official software. Most of our major competitors push updates directly to the software, which can lead to errors and issues.

Unlimited video size

With drag-and-drop functionality, your sewer scope videos (and any other videos) can be attached to your inspection reports and streamed right from the report. No more links and YouTube videos. 

Features that save you time

ScribeWare was designed by home inspectors, so there is a natural emphasis on solving real-world report writing problems. Our gunnysacks and photo-captions-to-bullets features have changed how we can write reports by solving one of the most vexing report-writing challenges: multiple defects with the same system. 

Do more with a smaller library

Our top-notch text replacement empowers Scribers to handle the diverse situations we find in the field with a smaller libraryof comments. Fewer comments equals less template maintenance and more consistent report writing among many users. 

Unlimited modifiers for improved accuracy

Some systems only provide the subscriber with three modifiers. In our experience, writing a detailed, easy-to-read report with only three isn’t possible. Instead, we allow you to create as many modifiers as you need to communicate clearly. Create different modifiers for sewer inspections, home inspections, and building inspections. Only the modifiers you use in a report will print in the report. You can even choose your own colors and icons to go with them.

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ISN, Keystone, NXT, and Zapier integrations

WE integrate with the best scheduling apps in the industry, and with Zapier, you can link with over 10,000 different applications and build your own solutions as needed. 

Review: why is ScribeWare better for multi-inspector firms? 

ScribeWare has always been laser-focused on what we do best: report writing. We provide open API to let you integrate with the scheduler of your choice, including Keystone, ISN, and NXT Inspect. With that level of customization, as well as our advanced team inspection features, and flagging and linking narratives to descriptions, why would a multi-inspector firm not take control of their report writing to ensure consistent top-level and stable reporting? Especially when combined with a better price, ScribeWare is the easy winner. 

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