Getting started with ScribeWare

Step one: Download ScribeWare! It works on both Mac and PC, and Android and iOS, so install it on any devices you will use to create and publish your reports. Be sure to sign in using the same email address on all of your devices in order to auto-link your accounts. 

The software is free to download and try!

Why ScribeWare

Next step: the ultimate onboarding video

Step two: watch this video. This virtual onboarding session with co-founder Dylan Chalk includes everything you need to know to get started, learn the software, set up your template, and customize your look.

You can also schedule a one-on-one Zoom call with us. We offer two free hour-long Zooms with each annual subscription, but you can also purchase one a la carte. Click here for more information

More free resources

We have a ton of free resources to help you get your ScribeWare account and templates set up and to help you learn how to leverage this powerful tool.

Our training docs

This online resource library includes videos and other training docs on pretty much all things ScribeWare

Our YouTube channel

This includes a lot of our instructional videos as well as recordings of many of our Scriber meet-ups

Scribers forum on Facebook

This Facebook group is free and full of knowledgeable Scribers who are willing and able to help and share ideas.

Monthly Scriber Zooms

By downloading ScribeWare, you will be on our mailing list. Keep an eye out for monthly meetings. These are Zoom round tables. Bring your questions and ideas to share.

Our blog

The blog on our website has additional information that is worth exploring.

The “submit feedback” button

Click on the “submit feedback” button in the software and ask your question. We’ll get back to you with an answer

Want some one-on-one help?

That’s great! We are here to help. 

In addition to our free resources, we offer one-on-one Zoom calls. You get two free hour-long one-on-one Zoom calls with your annual, non-discounted subscription, but we also offer them a la carte. In our experience, this is the fastest way to get familiar with the software, avoid strategic mistakes with template design, and get up and running quickly.

One-on-One Zoom Calls


(you have two free calls with an annual subscription)

Two Zoom calls are included with any full-price, non-discounted Annual Subscription (we’ll throw in a third Zoom for your team if you add additional Scribers to one account). These Zooms are typically one hour long. No annual subscription? You can purchase a one-on-one Zoom for $100/hour.

White Glove Onboarding Package


We know you are busy, and your time is better spent inspecting or working than building out templates. Our white-glove onboarding includes 10 hours of one-on-one Zooms to help you learn the software, build out your template(s), and train your team. White glove onboarding is our best deal for one-on-one set-up support. Additional hours can be purchased for $50/hour. You can also use these hours toward custom CSS work.

Custom CSS Consultation


2 hours for $200

One of ScribeWarte’spowers is its ability to customize so much that you can stand out from the rest of the pack of inspectors. CSS coding allows for a great deal of customization in the final report presentation (how it looks). We have free CSS code available in our directions, or you can hire one of our CSS experts for $120 / hour or a two-hour bundle for $200.

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