Balcony Inspection Report Software Designed for California’s EEE Inspections

We’ve customized the most powerful inspection software on the market to support Senate Bill 326 and Senate Bill 721 inspections.

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ScribeWare EEE is flexible report software designed to support the requirements of California’s new balcony regulations.

ScribeWare EEE Inspector was built by building inspectors to create the reports they wanted to use themselves. Designed to improve the way we collect and communicate information to our clients, it’s the fastest, most flexible, and most effective way to put together living balcony inspection documents so good they’ll build your reputation all by themselves.

Detailed, customizable report template built specifically for EEE inspections. Includes integrated contract signing

Re-inspection feature creates a living webpage for each building that updates automatically and can be accessed at any time by QR code

Cloud-based reporting allows the collaboration of all team members in real-time

Same-day, professional reports can be shared with the client at the push of a button

An innovative and creative platform that allows you to standardize report captions across your full team

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Sample EEE inspection report: take a look for yourself

Standard California Balcony Inspection Sample

Note the standards of practice inserted into the boilerplate so the scope and standards used in your inspections are right at the front of the report. The template can be adjusted so all of your data collection can be done via a mobile application on-site. Reports can be printed to a PDF and stamped with an engineer stamp. Re-inspections can be easily handled so construction procedures and repairs can be documented from your phone.

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Pre-built, fully optimized EEE template

Unlimited users and downloads

Logo and brand customization

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It’s fast.

A workflow so innovative it saves our average user between 30 and 90 minutes per report.

It is easy to use.

Designed for the way inspectors work, we include pre-built templates and comment libraries for a wide variety of industries and regions—right out of the box.

It is powerfully customizable.

Need adjustments to fit your working style or industry? Want to match your brand? No problem! ScribeWare allows you to edit your template for virtually any need.

We offer unparalleled support.

From great software support and one-on-one introductory meetings to monthly Zoom meetups and ongoing education, our mission is to make us all better, one expert report at a time.

We will never sell your data.

We believe your relationship with your client is yours and yours alone.