• fixed possible errors in contract settings


  • changed checkbox style on team settings
  • fixed missing inspectors filter
  • fixed save hotkey on edit media dialog (again)


  • fixed issue with magnifier not showing in image editor


  • added support for some international currencies
  • added support for international billing
  • added support for template publishers
  • crop window in photo editor now rotates with photo
  • improved search performance on the library tab
  • fixed issues around pasting images into observations


  • updated how libraries are loaded to improve performance and reduce crashes.


  • fixed issue with last observation in section not being clickable
  • fixed issue with editing default modifiers
  • fixed issue with copy modifiers dialog


  • reports now load much faster!
  • added cmd+t keyboard shortcut to edit alt text (thanks gary!)

6.175.24 (desktop)

  • added eTransfer to payment types
  • fixed issue with alt text history not saving correctly

6.175.20 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with modifiers reverting back to originals on publish
  • fixed issue with default observations being re-added after deletion

6.175.19 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with cancel button on publish report not dismissing dialog

6.175.7 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with publishing percent not showing correctly

6.174.56 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with publishing percent not showing correctly
  • fixed overflowing text in observations (thanks tim!)

6.174.54 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with importing inspectors from isn/nxt that are not in sw
  • fixed issue with pdfs that append sections having the last page deleted
  • fixed performance issues on detecting hidden observations

6.174.53 (desktop)

  • New! integration with iGo Keystone scheduling service.
  • Added auto-setting of library category on creation of new library entries where applicable
  • Added pre-population of suggested observations search box with field value name
  • Fixed “no modifier” showing up in published report
  • Fixed error on empty phone/email in Agents settings tab
  • Fixed cancel on initially empty media caption leaving behind first character
  • Fixed displaying newly created media captions in library when filtering by only observations
  • Fixed displaying newly created observations in library when filtering by only media captions
  • fixed issue with boilerplate settings causing UI slowdown/freezing
  • fixed formatting on PDF version of reports

6.174.18 (desktop)

  • new! schedule reports for a future date prior to selecting the template
  • new! custom css now applies to request lists as well as the primary report
  • new! option to include table of contents in report pdfs
  • new! ability to tag and filter photos on both mobile and desktop
  • the company logo will now be included on invoice-only pdfs
  • images in requests list now link back to the original in the report
  • renamed +more/-less to just +/-
  • fixed issue with rich text toolbar wrapping on narrow screens
  • removed unusable formatting buttons in alt text editor
  • fixed issue with multiple sections being appended to PDFs
  • lots of other bug fixes and improvements

6.173.16 (desktop)

  • fixed recent syncing issues
  • fixed issue with requiring users to enter company info again

6.173.7 (desktop)

  • new! add tags to your media to help sort, organize and give yourself reminders
  • new! indent / outdent formatting for narratives
  • new! ability to print invoice-only pdf
  • several changes made to pdf’s to make them shorter and more readable

6.172.21 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with some alt text not showing correctly in published reports

6.172.19 (desktop)

  • show renewal date on settings->subscription
  • allow for contracts to be downloaded when only one person has signed
  • fixed issue with videos not showing as processed in final reports
  • improved handling of multiple inspectors from isn/nxt
  • added ability to include short descriptions on report templates
  • fixed issue with changing append sections on pdfs not working
  • lots of other bug fixes and improvements

6.165.1 (desktop)

  • lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

5.152.4 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with boilerplate disappearing

5.152.1 (desktop)

  • new! companies can now add and remove inspectors
  • fixed issue with WDO showing for non pest inspectors
  • fixed issue with double click not filling pdfs
  • fixed issue with alt text selection dialog not being displayed when editing media
  • fixed issue with navigating while editing chapters on desktop

5.139.2 (desktop)

  • fix issue with trec fields being hidden
  • lots of other performance improvements and updates

5.129.2 (desktop)

  • trec: fixed issue with removing deficient observations not unchecking deficient checkbox

5.127.1 (desktop)

  • new! support for multiple inspectors on a single report
  • certification logs (and signatures) are included based on the users on a given report
  • logs of other bug fixes and improvements

5.122.3 (desktop)

  • new! manage boilerplate on a per-report basis from the client info screen
  • new! agent phone number field, managed similar to email addresses
  • new! zelle payment option in payment type dropdown
  • new! trec templates can automatically mark sections as “deficient” when deficiencies are noted
  • fixed issues with extra large report galleries
  • fixed issue with editing links on desktop
  • lots of other fixes and improvements

5.117.1 (desktop)

  • new! support for adding PDFs to documents.
  • default descriptions no longer require an associaed field value

5.115.7 (desktop)

  • new! configure favorite comments for quick access
  • added agent name to possible contract placeholders
  • added cover page to TREC pdfs
  • lots of other bugs fixes and improvements

5.113.3 (desktop)

  • new! support for texas TREC templates
  • updated company address form to support non-us addresses
  • lots of other bug fixes and improvements

5.112.19 (desktop)

  • new! pdfs now show page numbers
  • improved media download speed
  • fixed logo sometimes not showing up in preview
  • fixed image editor issues
  • fixed issue with sync sometimes getting out of whack
  • added support for lts builds
  • lots of other bug fixes and improvements

5.109.12 (mobile)

  • new! use two-finger pinch to report a bug or issue
  • improved initial load performance
  • updated image editor on desktop
  • lots of other fixes and improvements

5.105.3 (desktop)

  • added link back to original report in published pdf
  • fixed timing issue where thumbnails would sometimes not show in published reports

5.105.1 (desktop)

  • new frame, shading and arrow options in image editor
  • lots of other updates and bug fixes

5.99.4 (desktop)

  • various bug fixes and improvements

5.99.3 (desktop)

  • new! added support for apple silicon (m1)
  • new! added ability to mark section fields as “Required” or “Recommended”. Required fields will be included in the report review until they’re assigned a value.
  • we now save line width settings on a per-shape basis
  • new installer for mac
  • new multi-user features!
  • filter the list of reports by inspector
  • control which users can edit templates, edit library and view other’s reports
  • lots of other updates and bug fixes

5.96.1 (desktop)

  • various updates and bug fixes

5.92.0 (mobile)

  • fixed formatting for mobile alt text
  • fixed sharing on android

5.91.6 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with data migration

5.91.5 (desktop)

  • added support for nxt

5.91.4 (desktop)

  • another attempt at fixing useless errors

5.91.3 (desktop)

  • use electron 13
  • dnot show useless errors

5.91.2 (desktop)

  • fix issue with attempting to add library entries into categories that are already too large

5.90.1 (desktop)

  • new! you can now configure different boilerplate settings for different report templates, i.e. “how to read this report” etc.
  • new! only modifiers that are included in a report will show up in the “how to read this report”, allowing different sets of modifiers per template
  • new! view and edit the list of real estate agents used in autocomplete, under settings
  • new! view, edit and delete your list of templates in settings

5.77.5 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with some library entries appearing to disappear

5.77.4 (desktop)

  • fixed issue where tierd checkboxes wouldnt show in report

5.77.3 (desktop)

  • fix issue with library entires appearing to disappear

5.85.3 (desktop)

  • fixed converting inline to list and back

5.85.2 (desktop)

  • revert broken clipboard update
  • make category search case insensitive

5.85.1 (desktop)

  • fixed pasting multiple lines into options editor
  • fixed formatting in title
  • fixed handling of no title and no options
  • fixed issue with title sometimes getting dropped

5.84.4 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with deleting last image on an observation in mobile

5.84.3 (desktop)

  • attmpt to fix repeating uls
  • more logging around newlines

5.84.2 (desktop)

  • updated bullet styling
  • fixed issue with lists combined with placeholders getting removed
  • fixed issue with text replacement incrorectly appearing modified

5.84.1 (desktop)

  • new! text replacement lists can have optional titles that only show up when options are selected
  • fixed issue with doublie clicking on media resulting in incorrect focus
  • reports with no summary will expand the report automatically
  • only modifiers used in report will be included in description

5.83.3 (desktop)

  • fixed issue where tierd checkboxes wouldnt show in report

5.83.2 (desktop)

  • minor fixes and perf improvements

5.83.1 (desktop)

  • fixed (object Object) in search results
  • fixed issue with all options showing on mobile
  • fixed issue with extra bullets being inserted

5.81.6 (mobile)

  • render colors on rn correctly
  • fixed video thumbnail creation

5.81.5 (desktop)

  • fixed colors in alt text

5.81.4 (desktop)

  • fixed coupon entry
  • fixed issue with misconfigured alttext disappearing

5.81.2 (desktop)

  • fixed reoprt creation error

5.81.1 (mobile)

  • fixed incorrect migration


5.81.0 (mobile)

  • new! text replacement now supports bullets for mutliple items
  • new! you can now inclue rich text (bold, italics, links etc) with text replacement
  • # new! its now optional to inclue any text at all; missing texts will be removed from the final report.

5.80.2 (desktop)


  • videos are now shown in pdfs, linking to the original report

5.80.1 (mobile)

  • attempt to fix section loading, thumbnail copying

5.79.2 (mobile)

  • added some debugging

5.79.1 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with media urls not being generated if a report is closed prematurely
  • upgraded photo editor

5.79.0 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with applying library entries

5.78.1 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with error in file prep preventing upload
  • Crop select preset options

5.77.1 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with publishing prior to syncing
  • restored missing crop tools

5.73.3 (desktop)

  • fixed ability to link in boilerplate
  • fixed saving of image settings between sessions

5.73.2 (desktop)

  • upgrade image editor
  • fixed dark editor on light screens

5.73.1 (desktop)

  • fixed timing issue that would sometimes send emails before report is ready
  • imprioved performance

5.73.0 (mobile)

  • various updates and fixes

5.70.3 (desktop)

  • include phone number from isn
  • fixed isue with saving library entries on new sections

5.70.2 (desktop)

  • new! magnifier feature in image editor! See [https://scribeware.com/look-closer-at-those-images/]
  • made scribeware branding configurable
  • improved saving of last used settings
  • various other bug fixes

5.62.0 (mobile)

  • new! pinchable, scrollable, zoomable gallery images!
  • added primary action buttons at media footer
  • improved image navigation

5.61.19 (desktop)

  • new! scroll through photos from inside the editor

5.61.18 (desktop)

  • Fixed bug which prevented editor from reopening after crop

5.61.17 (desktop)

  • new! upgraded image editor

5.61.16 (desktop)

  • various bug fixes

5.61.13 (desktop)

  • another fix to edit field scrollbars

5.61.12 (desktop)

  • fixed issue around library entries sometimes not saving
  • new! client name or address show at the header, instead of “report”
  • new! save template button now on left toolbar

5.61.11 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with multiple scrollbars showing
  • added support for using etc and sentences in multi-select dropdowns

5.61.10 (desktop)

  • new! observations are now (optionally) sorted by modifier in the final report. you can turn this off and return to the old behavior in the report settings.
  • new! you can now select multiple entries in the library to move/copy/delete them in bulk!
  • other various fixes and improvements

5.61.1 (desktop)

  • added diagnostis for slow report loading

5.60.0 (mobile)

  • new! camera ui takes photos in quick succession
  • 3s camera timer
  • you can now add, hide and rename chapters and sections on mobile
  • new feedback and bug reportig system
  • lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

5.50.0 (mobile)

  • reduced sensitivity on shake ui
  • improved section rendering
  • re-worked field option clickability
  • some perf improvements
  • some optimizations on the home screen

5.48.0 (mobile)

  • fixed crash on file retrival, added timings

5.39.11 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with older publish urls not showing correctly

5.39.10 (desktop)

  • minor bug fixes

5.39.9 (desktop)

  • improved ui responsiveness around editing library connections

5.39.8 (desktop)

  • fixed right click paste menu
  • fixed issue where report might get the wrong url

5.39.7 (desktop)

  • re-enabled bug reporter, use full screen modals on android camera

5.47.0 (mobile)

  • disable shake reports on android
  • fixed ios build

5.46.0 (mobile)

  • no real changes here

5.45.0 (mobile)

  • fixed gallery buttons disappearing on ios
  • switched to new bug reporting / feedback service
  • fixed camera buttons disappearing when rotating (finally!)

5.44.1 (mobile)

  • fixed library screen crash

5.44.0 (mobile)

  • another attempt at camera rotation
  • added r-click option to copy report to new template
  • use https for published reports

5.43.0 (mobile)

  • attempt to fix camera rotation issue

5.40.2 (mobile)

  • filter media captions from library
  • attempt to fix missing buttons when switching orientation

5.40.1 (mobile)

  • fixed camera screen error

5.40.0 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with commas in text replacements
  • fixed issue with cover photo not showing up
  • added field sensitivity
  • upgraded framework, core engine
  • added perf monitoring

5.39.2 (desktop)

  • fixed broken images on response builder

5.39.1 (desktop)

  • new! support for multiple selections in text replacement fields, joined by “and”, “or”, or “then”.
  • new! highlighting of text replacements that haven’t been visited yet
  • new! allow for custom css to be applied to reports. this allows for extensive branding and customization of your final reports.
  • inspector name is now changeable via client info

5.36.0 (mobile, desktop)

  • mobile: movedlibrary entries to separate screen
  • mobile: added support for syncing reports with ISN directly from mobile
  • mobile: added image status
  • fixed camera back button on ios
  • fixed media sharing into gallery
  • fixed issue with cover photo not showing in preview
  • fixed sharing between imarkup and scribeware
  • showing published, isn status on mobile
  • logs of other bug fixes.

5.32.14 (mobile)

  • renamed report link to “the full report” in the sidebar
  • fixed issue with specal characters in coverphoto filename

5.32.11 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with library ui going blank
  • updated sewer inspection template
  • fixed issue with overview not appearing green when completed
  • fixed issue with field descriptions remaining after being unchecked
  • fixed issue with files that time out not getting uploaded

5.32.8 (desktop)

  • updated default templates, library

5.32.7 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with drag and drop sometimes breaking
  • removed extra space before captions
  • improved error handling
  • fixed issue with data flashing on slow connections

5.32.3 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with published images sometimes not showing up
  • fixed issue with single digit paths

5.32.0 (mobile)

  • new! rich text editor on mobile!
  • includes support for text replacement, captions, as well as the standard bold, underline etc formatting.

5.27.18 (desktop)

  • fixed handling for hash character in filename
  • fixed issue with name collisions on pasted media

5.27.16 (desktop)

  • placed more emphasis on report link
  • increase quality of images in report template
  • increased spacing between observations
  • fixed issue with adding new entries from media editor

5.27.15 (desktop)

  • new! rich text editor on mobile!
  • fixed changelog

5.27.15 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with library text sometimes not appearing correctly.

5.27.14 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with additional inspections report showing too many items
  • fixed publish status

5.27.13 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with reports appearing published prematurely

5.27.10 (desktop)

  • dont show invoice when there are no invoice items
  • fixed modified after pubilsh flag
  • fixed error in library searches

5.27.6 (desktop)

  • more resiliant downloads in case of odd suitations

5.27.5 (desktop)

  • fixed image width when window gets too narrow

5.27.3 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with observation modifiers and field position
  • fixed issue with email not saving

5.27.2 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with pasting from word into contracts

5.27.1 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with default descriptions not showing when referenced by multiple sections.

5.27.0 (mobile)

  • attempt at fixing sharing on android 11

5.25.8 (desktop)

  • fixed support for multiple inspectors within isn account
  • fixed issue with default descriptions not showing up

5.25.9 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with show modifier button
  • fixed issue with fields not handling tabs correctly
  • fixed issue with library entires not showing in blank sections

5.25.7 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with request template and legacy modifiers
  • updated default library
  • updated templates

5.25.4 (desktop)

  • dont show hidden modifiers in htrtr
  • fixed license display for international inspectors

5.25.1 (mobile)

  • fixed wdo not showing in summary
  • fixed issue with library changes not being reflected on library tab
  • fixed field editing showing wrong color for new options
  • fixed toolbar header overlapping field options

5.24.26 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with copying chapters offline not showing
  • fixed issue with library category not defaulting correctly with deleted sections

5.24.25 (desktop)

  • fixed colors appearing on published report
  • show error when user tries to log in while disconnected
  • show error when documents get too big
  • fixed issue with observation media sometimes not saving
  • fixed rendering error in edit library toolbar

5.24.21 (desktop)

  • refresh search results when switching to library
  • fixed occasional issue with videos syncing from mobile
  • fixed issue with new entries not showing in library immediately after adding
  • fixed issue with editing observation overwriting original library entry

5.24.19 (desktop)

  • reset contracts when creating new reports
  • fixed use of custom colors in request list
  • fixed issue with chapters sometimes not showing in left nav
  • allow for empty icon

5.24.18 (desktop)

  • fixed colorization on field editor
  • fixed issue with empty chapters showing up
  • fixed right tab reordering

5.24.17 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with toolbar buttons not showing in library editor
  • fixed toolbar placement
  • fixed pasting of color from media

5.24.16 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with efficiency observations showing as completed

5.24.15 (desktop)

  • fixed wdo icon not showing up in summary
  • fixed issue with saving options losing tiers

5.24.14 (desktop)

  • fixed replacement text menu not showing in media dialog
  • added prompt if new entry should be applied to observation
  • fixed issue where we weren’t showing automatic connections

5.24.11 (desktop)

  • another attempt at fixing “updates available on another device” error

5.24.10 (desktop)

  • fixed additional template error

5.24.8 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with options not maintaining order

5.24.7 (desktop)

  • fixed cursor showing in media editor

5.24.5 (desktop)

  • made icons on observation modifiers configrable
  • removed description tag, keys
  • allowed for configuring modifiers to be visible in reprot
  • added media caption to response builder, removed print button
  • fixed drag handle for new modifier types
  • fixed issue with videos not showing properly
  • fixed check for local updates when sycning
  • turn off autocorrect for email
  • fixed alt text placement (this is for you Scott!)

5.24.4 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with isn report info garbling
  • enable delete on overview
  • removed outline when editing chapter/section headers
  • updated feedback for better data
  • added ability to include images on scope and purpose

5.24.3 (desktop)

  • updated default template, library
  • fixed wdo showing when it shouldn’t
  • fixed issue with spell check replacing too many words

5.24.0 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with ‘section’ header appearing

5.23.0 (mobile)

  • fixed crash on ios

5.22.0 (mobile)

  • dependency update

5.21.55 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with moving library entries

5.21.54 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with pasting more than 100 images

5.21.52 (desktop)

  • fixed pest inspection reports

5.21.51 (desktop)

  • new!! modifier settings:
  • pick which modifiers include media in the summary
  • configure modifiers to not show up in the report
  • configure modifiers to not show up in the summary OR report (inspector only notes!)
  • add new modifiers (!!!) and hide existing ones
  • some downlaod fixes on bad connections

5.21.47 (desktop)

  • increased size of invoice price box
  • fixed publish percent display
  • fixed issue with report showing modified after publish
  • fixed library flashing

5.21.41 (desktop)

  • fixed indent support
  • fixed contract status display
  • fixed library flashing when searching
  • fixed issue with media not saving in library entry
  • fixed handling of “/” in field associations
  • reset cover photo when creating new report
  • added margin to contract editor

5.21.40 (desktop)

  • improved debug logging around modification detection

5.21.39 (desktop)

  • fixed alt text menu placement when on the edge fo screen

5.21.38 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with some observations not being numbered correctly
  • remove empty observations before publishing

5.21.37 (desktop)

  • new! contracts are now fully functional in SW5. Configure one or more contracts via settings, then send them to your clients for signing in the client and property info chapter. Feedback welcome!
  • fixed issue with photo captions not showing
  • fixed issue with uploaded photos not appearing on other devices

5.21.35 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with overview showing in summary

5.21.32 (desktop)

  • fixed background color when copying from other observations
  • fixed issue with focus getting lost when adding new observation

5.21.30 (desktop)

  • new! you can now edit the Scope and Purpose, How to Read this Report etc in settings!
  • fixed layout and scrolling issues with the text replacement dropdowns
  • fixed population issue when you edit text replacements
  • fixed issue with showing WDO indiciator on non-pest inspection reports
  • fixed issue with usage counts not coming over from SW4

5.21.28 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with overview text not showing when selected from library

5.21.27 (desktop)

  • remove empty data spans for comparisons

5.21.26 (desktop)

  • new! text editor with lots of new features and functionality
  • enable new formats, colors, background colors
  • enable keyboard navigation for using text replacement dropdowns
  • numerous other bug fixes

5.21.11 (desktop)

  • fixed mixed case searching on the home screen
  • filter library chatpers sections based on cateogry
  • fixed issue with multuple copies of the same image overwriting others

5.21.8 (desktop)

  • new! added “Whats New” to desktop settings screen
  • new! show connections in library
  • fixed handling of large templates

5.21.4 (desktop, mobile)

  • new! search for past reports on the home screen
  • new! drag observations around to reorder them
  • fixed itemized limited inspection defaults
  • updated notification positioning
  • fixed paste image quality

5.19.12 (desktop)

  • new! edit, delete and merge library categories (see edit menu, library tab)
  • fixed hidden diagram icons when window was too small
  • added tooltips on diagram icons
  • added default diagrams for new users
  • reformatted how libraries are stored

5.19.15 (mobile)

5.19.14 (mobile)

  • fixed build script
  • fixed upgrade path

5.19.12 (mobile)

  • fixed upgrade path

5.19.11 (mobile)

  • use print logo for report footer
  • added background to header logo settings
  • changed logo tab naming

5.19.7 (desktop)

  • fixed observation image appearance
  • fixed url references for user media
  • fixed electron reference

5.19.5 (desktop)

  • fixed whats new screen
  • fixed edit suggestions next for hg imports
  • fixed handling for entires with no section

5.19.4 (desktop)

  • fixed mixed case email logins
  • fixed library image references that would result in diagrams missing from published reports
  • added additional checks against data migrations

5.19.3 (mobile)

  • fixed photo delete
  • attempt to fix missing images from gallery

5.19.0 (mobile)

  • fixed gallery crash on ios
  • fixed image sync on desktop

5.18.7 (desktop)

  • fixed memory crash on ios, image sync on desktop

5.18.7 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with adding chapters

5.18.6 (mobile)

  • attempt to fix gallery crash

5.18.5 (mobile)

  • fixed ok button gettng scrolled off the screen with multiple images

5.18.4 (desktop)

  • apply id when creating new entry. attempt to fix missing connections

5.18.3 (desktop)

  • attempted fix at overwritten category mappings

5.18.2 (desktop)

  • fixed selection of agent field

5.18.0 (mobile)

  • fixed mobile error loading some sections

5.17.13 (desktop)

  • fixed errors with configuring alt text dropdowns
  • fixed entries missing from default library
  • fixed section drag drop

5.17.12 (desktop)

  • apply version variable to libraryCategories

5.17.10 (desktop)

  • another attempt at adding obersvations
  • updated min required version

5.17.9 (desktop)

  • fixed add observation button on windows

5.17.8 (desktop)

  • new! library entries sorted by cateogries. You can now select multiple library categories per section.
  • fixed sewer scope template types

5.17.2 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with report templates showing “completed” on new reports
  • fixed reordering of chapters, sections

5.17.0 (mobile)

  • fixed sync handling of library media
  • new! camera ui for tablets. buttons now show up, and are on the right side so mike can hold a flashlight in his other hand.

5.11.0 (mobile)

  • updated error handling

5.10.26 (desktop)

  • added back “open external” button to new image editor
  • made image editor full screen, image larger
  • fixed issue with sections getting hidden on mobile

5.10.25 (mobile)

  • fixed adding cover photo from gallery
  • added cover photo button to edit media screen

5.10.24 (desktop)

  • new!! LOTS of image editing features,
  • fixed: we longer downsize images after editing!
  • fixed error when sharing files

5.10.23 (mobile)

  • fixed blurry images on ios devices
  • added download timeout

5.10.22 (desktop)

  • dont reset on network error uploads
  • throttle doenloads, make sure there aren’t repeats

5.10.21 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with published reports showing as modified

5.10.20 (mobile)

  • fixed camera screen on tablets

5.10.17 (desktop)

  • fixed selection/update of observation media
  • added logging/checks around potential partial downloads

5.10.16 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with image not being clickable

5.10.15 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with partial downloads on bad connections
  • new! we now show download progress when images are updating

5.10.14 (desktop)

  • fixed size error

5.10.13 (desktop)

  • improved display of media file status
  • prevent downloading partial files

5.10.12 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with partial downloads on mobile

5.10.11 (mobile)

  • new! share one or more photos from the gallery

5.10.10 (mobile)

  • fixed force sync when syncing existing files

5.10.9 (mobile)

  • dont error if uploadChunk fails

5.10.7 (mobile)

  • new! add observations from library search results
  • new! control image size in settings, for smaller images – fixed sync of published files

5.10.6 (desktop)

  • fixed pasting media
  • fixed cursor relocation issues

5.10.5 (desktop)

  • fixed video thumbnail not showing correctly

5.10.4 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with modified images not syncing

5.10.2 (desktop)

  • fixed flow for adding gallery images to observations

5.10.0 (mobile, desktop)

  • fixed image edits from mobile syncing to desktop
  • fixed issue with copying media from library

5.9.3 (desktop)

  • fixed partial image downloads

5.9.2 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with illustration syncing

5.8.3 (desktop)

  • fixed publishing issues

5.8.1 (mobile)

  • fixed issue with adding additional photos to observation overwriting existing onesn
  • fixed resize of image when switching orientation

5.8.0 (mobile)

  • new! forcibly upload all local media, from the “Settings” on the client information page of a report.

5.7.1 (desktop)

  • fixed issue with loading library entires

5.7.0 (mobile)

  • fixed logout process
  • updated android sharing to work with imarkup and related apps

5.5.3 (desktop)

  • fixed order of media in publishd reports to match the application order
  • fixed media caption toggle
  • fixed handling of adding a new section
  • fixed move lbrary entries when changing section



  • fixed issue with externally dropped files not showing arrows
  • fixed ordering of images
  • fixed serialization of request builder observations



  • delete observations, media


  • fixed crash when saving observation media



  • you can now share media from within ScribeWare into other apps (i.e. facebook, instagram etc)
  • you can now share media into ScribeWare from other apps, using their normal “share” buttons.


  • screenshot feedback on android
  • automatically focus on last picture taken


  • fixed issue with publishing copied reports
  • fixed issue with adding blank chapters causing the whole report to go blank.


  • fixed issue with uploading large files
  • set max video length to 60 seconds


  • reformatted edit media scren – image now gets resized when the keyboard shows, and the done button always stays available.
  • provide feedback by taking a screenshot!


  • Added support for videos!
  • Added pinch to zoom!


  • added edit field for plural names
  • fixed handler for cases when library doesnt exist
  • we now cache templates and library data for offline use
  • Fixed issue with custom library entires not allowing updates