Sewer inspection reports so good they’ll grow your business for you.

Innovative sewer inspection report software designed by a team of veteran sewer and home inspectors to help you quickly deliver the best reports on the market.

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The best sewer scope inspection software on the market.

Your inspection reports are your most important business asset. They are your calling card, your liability protection, and the best way to generate five-star reviews. And sending your clients to watch a video on YouTube isn’t five-star service.

ScribeWare Sewer Inspector was built by veteran sewer inspectors to help you manage your videos and present them professionally to your clients. It’s the fastest and most effective way to write sewer inspection reports so good they’ll build your reputation all by themselves.

Fully interactive web-based reports: videos stream directly in the report, ad-free!

Check-box style report with built-in comment library allows lightning-fast report writing—often as little as four minutes!

Unlimited video length; a great way to store your videos

Unique fully customizable workflow allows you to pre-set comments, CYA text, and inspector notes

Seamless mobile and desktop synchronization allows you to take videos, photos, and notes on-site and finish the report in the office and allows multiple inspectors to work simultaneously

sewer inspection
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Sample sewer inspection report: take a look for yourself

Classic Sewer Report

A nicely representative report from our friends NJ Sewer Scopes in New Jersey. Note the use of streaming video and still photos.

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ScribeWare Sewer Inspector Pricing

Absolutely no risk. Your first three reports are FREE. No credit card is required to download.

ScribeWare a la Carte



No monthly fee

No credit card or contract is required to download

Your first three reports are free

ScribeWare Unlimited Plan



(paid annually in a lump sum of $1188)

or $119/month if paid monthly

Unlimited reports

Just $79/month per additional user

Access to Scriber meetups and events

No credit card or contact is required to download

Your first three reports are free

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Here’s how we stack up with other sewer inspection software companies





Startup cost

$0 (just $15 per report)



Sewer scope-specific template

Streaming videos embedded in the report

Unlimited video length

Automatic upload and syncing between devices

Includes ads in videos

Uses your customer data for advertising





Synchs with ISN

Syncs with NXTInspekt

Syncs with iGo Keystone

Syncs with 5,000+ other apps with Zapier





Desktop (Windows)

Desktop (Mac)

Works when not connected to the internet

Android + iOS

It’s fast.

A workflow so innovative it saves our average user between 30 and 90 minutes per report.

It is easy to use.

Designed for the way inspectors work, we include pre-built templates and comment libraries for a wide variety of industries and regions—right out of the box.

It is powerfully customizable.

Need adjustments to fit your working style or industry? Want to match your brand? No problem! ScribeWare allows you to edit your template for virtually any need.

We offer unparalleled support.

From great software support and one-on-one introductory meetings to monthly Zoom meetups and ongoing education, our mission is to make us all better, one expert report at a time.

We will never sell your data.

We believe your relationship with your client is yours and yours alone.

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