Home inspection reports so good they’ll grow your business for you.

Innovative home inspection report software designed by a team of veteran home inspectors to help you deliver the best reports on the market.

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The most powerful home inspection report software on the market.

Your inspection reports are your most important business asset. They are your calling card, your liability protection, your knowledge base, and the best way to generate five-star reviews. They have to be good.

ScribeWare Home Inspector was built by veteran home inspectors to improve the way we collect and communicate information to our clients. It’s the fastest, most flexible, and most effective way to put together home inspection reports so good they’ll build your reputation all by themselves.

Fully interactive HTML web-based reports

Quick to build, fully customizable check-box style report

Pre-built templates with a library of comments, workflows, and illustrations developed by the best inspectors in the business

Unique workflow allows you to pre-set comments, CYA text, narratives, and inspector notes to specific systems and materials for lightening-fast but thorough report writing

Automatic synchronization allows multiple inspectors to work simultaneously and effortlessly synchs field notes to your desktop version

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Some sample home inspection reports:
don’t just take our word for it.

ScribeWare Narrative Template

Built by ScribeWare founder and long-time inspector Dylan Chalk, this is a longer narrative-style report. It uses bulleted observations to handle multiple defects with the same system, and smaller comments for simple systems. Note the use of the all-caps blue titles to make the summary page easy to glance through. This template can be used for almost any job, from consults to commercial inspections, and is included with ScribeWare for those who want a detailed northern climate zone template.

ScribeWare Standard Photo Captions Workflow Template

This report by Scriber Mike Lagana shows a warm climate zone sample that has been customized from the ScribeWare default template designed around a photo caption-driven workflow. The idea is to boil your workflow down to clicking boxes to describe a building, and taking pictures and captioning them for your narrative comments. This template shows how quickly one can move over to ScribeWare using this template.

ScribeWare Standard Checkbox Template

This is based on a checkbox template but includes short narratives. This will work in any climate zone, and we offer a room-by-room or system-by-system version. It’s the quickest and easiest template to get started with.

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ScribeWare Home Inspector Pricing

Absolutely no risk. Your first three reports are FREE! No credit card or contract is required to download.

ScribeWare a la Carte



No monthly fee

Free software download—no credit card required

Access to Scriber meetups and events

Your first three reports are free

Unlimited Plan



(paid annually as a lump sum of $1068)

or $99/month if paid monthly

Unlimited reports

Just $49/month per additional user

Access to Scriber meetups and events

Free software download—no credit card required

Your first three reports are free

ScribeWare Unlimited Multi-Inspector



each additional inspector just $45/month

Unlimited reports

Free software download—no credit card required

Automatic synching between inspectors

Free admin accounts for administrators – just ask!

Why ScribeWare shines for multi-inspector firms

We’ve always been laser-focused on making the best reports on the market. But we’re also really great for multi-inspector firms, too.

Built for teamwork

Just turn your team loose on a large project; all the data will sync together seamlessly into one easy-to-read report. With Wi-Fi or a decent cell connection, it will sync in real time. With poor or no service, just turn syncing off and have everything meld together when you return to the office.

Required items review

Our required fields feature and flagging functionality allows you to set specific data that each inspector needs to gather while on site. This helps you ensure consistent quality. Comments can also be flagged for review by senior staff; senior staff can see if required fields require review with just a quick glance.

Template and library syncing

When an admin saves a template or library change, that change becomes instantly available across your whole team. This feature makes template updating a breeze—and ensures the consistency and quality of every report.

Unlimited customization

With ScribeWare, you have unlimited modifier, boilerplate, and summary page customization, but that’s just the beginning. We also offer custom CSS to change the overall look of your HTML reports, and support custom URLs so your reports look like they come from your own email server.

scribeware software for all devices
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Here’s how we stack up with other inspection software companies

Note: we have researched this data in good faith and to the best of our abilities. If you find any of the information to be incorrect, please reach out to us at support@getscribeware.com and we will update the chart!






Starting price





Report writing





Built in templates and comments library

Photos maintain original quality

Unlimited photos and videos

Maximum video size

2000 mb


50 mb

50 mb

Photo-driven report writing

Modern, intuitive interface

Easily duplicate chapters and sections

Customizable comment categories

Unlimited comments

Global comment search

Offline desktop editing

Bullet-based reporting via Gunnysacks™

Repair lists and estimates

Agreement delivery and signatures

3rd party integrations





Syncs with ISN

Syncs with NXT Inspekt

Syncs with iGO Keystone

Syncs with 5,000+ other apps via Zapier

Inspection Teams





Native support for multiple inspectors

Real-time report editing between multiple users

Automatic synchronization of templates and libraries with entire team

The Finished Reports





Native HTML Reports

Modern, professionally designed templates

Fully customizable look and feel to fit your company brand

Reports can also be published as PDFs

Mobile App





Mobile Publishing

Global library searches

Maps, text and email right from the device

Company information





Designed and built by a home inspector

Will monetize your client’s data for their own profit


It’s fast.

A workflow so innovative it saves our average user between 30 and 90 minutes per report.

It is easy to use.

Designed for the way inspectors work, we include pre-built templates and comment libraries for a wide variety of industries and regions—right out of the box.

It is powerfully customizable.

Need adjustments to fit your working style or industry? Want to match your brand? No problem! ScribeWare allows you to edit your template for virtually any need.

We offer unparalleled support.

From great software support and one-on-one introductory meetings to monthly Zoom meetups and ongoing education, our mission is to make us all better, one expert report at a time.

We will never sell your data.

We believe your relationship with your client is yours and yours alone.

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Get The App

Capture property information, take extensive photos and videos, jot down notes, choose narrative comments, and flag features for later review. A flexible gallery even allows you to review an inspection onsite with a client.

The ScribeWare mobile app works even when offline and automatically syncs with your desktop version when back in the office for a seamless, efficient process.

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Coming from Homegauge, Spectora, or another company?

We know transitioning is hard. Contact us and we’ll help you out with the move!

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