The Story Of ScribeWare

ScribeWare inspection report software was born out of a chance encounter between Dylan and Steve. Dylan was performing a home inspection and using a clumsy first-generation version of ScribeWare while Steve, an ex-software guru turned real estate agent, was watching curiously over his shoulder.

You know,” he said, after a few minutes. “I could make that work a lot better.

“Really?” Dylan said
And the rest, as they say, is history.

ScribeWare is a blend of Dylan’s desire to raise the bar in report writing combined with Steves’ desire to build intuitive and elegant software.

We hope you enjoy using our product as much as we have enjoyed building it

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ScribeWare is proud to have a team of advisers who help us shape our inspection software solutions. Collectively, these professionals have thousands of hours of experience in their respective fields. Our advisers take pride in being at the top of their profession. They have chosen ScribeWare because they know that superior communications skills help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. We are proud to continually work with our advisers to hone our software so we can continue to innovate and hone the best inspection report software.

Dylan Chalk 1

Dylan Chalk


Dylan is Washington State licensed home inspector #365 and Structural Pest Inspector #65540, and a licensed real estate clock-hour instructor # I 4978. He is also the vice president of ASHI Western washington – 2017. Dylan has made a business out of his personal mission to advocate for home buyers, homeowners, inspectors, and real estate professionals. Honing his talents from carpentry in his youth to construction and remodeling through college, and eventually establishing a career in home inspection, Dylan understands houses from the ground up.

His new book, The Confident House Hunter draws on his experience to help readers make informed decisions in the important process of purchasing – and maintaining – a home. Dylan is educationally certified by Inspection Training Associates (ITA), a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and has performed more than 5,500 structural home inspections. He has been certified as an Energy Star Tune-Up Verifier, and a certified Tune-Up energy audit inspector.

To see what his home inspection clients think of his inspection services and his reports, see his online reviews:

Steve Lamb

Steve Lamb


Steve Lamb is a hot-shot computer wiz from Seattle, WA. He specializes in the design and creation of useful and easy to use applications. He spent 10 years working at Microsoft, where he was one of the first engineers on the Xbox Live, the extremely popular online gaming service.

After leaving Microsoft he worked for a number of years in the real estate industry, seeing first hand how non-technical business owners struggled with the technology that had promised help them provide quality service, but fell far short of their potential. He then returned to software development to assist Dylan and others in making the dream of high quality, easy to use technology a reality.

brent foster

Brent Foster

Owner and Principal
of Northwest Infrared

Brent Foster is the owner and principal of Northwest Infrared, a Certified Building Science Investigation company based in Olympia, Washington that uses infrared technology to evaluate buildings for issues such as trapped moisture, heat loss, overheated electrical, mortar fill in block walls and mold investigations: Brent was a home inspector for over 10 years before becoming a pioneering thermographer in 2006. He is a level 3 thermographer and a sales representative for Fluke thermal imagers. Brent approached us several years ago because he was frustrated by clumsy and time consuming reporting software. He just wanted to quickly attach lots of images to a report and document his findings. We built some custom templates for his business and he has been using ScribeWare report writing software for over three years to document his on-site findings. 

“There is no better software system I have found for quickly making useful reports. I don’t know what I would do without my ScribeWare system.” Brent continues to provide invaluable feedback and guidance so we can better help those in the thermal imaging field produce great reports quickly and easily.

unnamed 1 1

Charles Buell

Owner of Charles Buell Inspections

Charles Buell was a home inspector for 17 years and is now a well-respected building consultant. He was an ASHI member for 14 years and served for years on the technical review committee, including serving as committee chair twice. He also served on the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Board for six years. A compelling teacher, Charlie teaches the plumbing, electrical, and building science portions of the Home Inspection Training Course at Bellingham Technical College, and has spoken at numerous home inspection conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada. He is also a licensed structural pest inspector.

Prior to his inspection career, Charlie was an award-winning design/build general contractor specializing in custom energy-efficient homes.

You can see a sample of one of Charlie’s extremely detailed home inspection reports here.

Michael Headshot e1695827166332

Michael Wicklund

Owner, Sterling Home Inspections

As a third-generation carpenter Michael Wicklund began his career as a remodeling contractor and worked primarily with real estate work orders for 17 years. Michael transitioned into the home inspection industry and, in 1999, began inspecting homes throughout the Puget Sound.

2000 Sterling Inspections began and has continued to grow over the years, adding his daughter Lindsey to the team in 2010 and others to follow each year. In 2012 he began offering sewer scoping. Michael pioneered this service within the home inspection industry and began showing up at conferences to offer an early camera to fellow inspectors. In Washington State sewer scoping expanded significantly and has continued to serve as part of our Sterling Company.

Outside of building a company, Michael has enjoyed woodworking and scouting. Serving as Scout Master in his local area he was awarded Scout Master of the Year. He is the father of four children and grandfather to 10 grandchildren, all of which call him Papa.

As Michael has matured in his business development he will be pursuing more educational opportunities to fulfill his love of teaching and passing on a lifetime of information to future home inspectors in the country.

raj hayden 1

Raj Hayden

Owner of Cardinal Home Inspection

Raj Hayden is the owner of Cardinal Home Inspection in Seattle Washington, Raj is an ASHI associate member who has performed over 17,000 home inspections. She represents the rock solid, old school home inspector who was weaned on deep technical knowledge, strong on-site communications skills and hand-written reports because she was inspecting before computers and digital cameras could be reliably employed for home inspection reports. She held (ICC) International Code Council certifications for mechanical inspector, plumbing inspector, electrical inspector and combination Inspector and has been a go-to resource for home inspections in the Seattle market for over 26 years.

ScribeWare for home inspection was first devised for her; the goal of the original build was to make a software so easy to use that even Raj would use it. She is still using it today and loves it and she is a constant source of advice and guidance on how to improve the quality and accuracy of the final report while keeping the process for the inspector as simple and intuitive as possible.


Michael Paris

Owner of Proview Professional Home Inspections

Michael Paris is a seasoned construction and home inspection professional with over 48 years of experience in the industry. He began his career as a residential and commercial builder and remodeler, gaining extensive knowledge and skills in the construction industry. In 1998, Michael transitioned into home inspection, founding Proview Professional Home Inspections. For the past 23 years, he has provided thorough and reliable home inspection services to countless clients.

Michael is known for his attention to detail, his professionalism, and his passion for helping people make informed decisions about their homes. In addition to his hands-on construction experience, Michael is also a pro at leveraging technology to deliver high-quality inspection reports. He’s a big fan of ScribeWare, which allows him to create customized and easy-to-understand reports that help his clients make informed decisions about their homes. He’s a man of many talents: builder, inspector, and software guru!


Rick Delamare

Owner of the Hydro Physics Pipe Inspection

Rick Delamare is the owner of the Hydro Physics Pipe Inspection franchises serving the North Puget Sound Region. Rick is a native “Mossback”, or Seattleite, and attended Western Washington University in Bellingham for his post high school education. During High School and College Rick worked in various aspects of the construction industry, learning cabinetry, framing, finish work, and plumbing.

During and after college Rick worked for B.F. Goodrich Aerospace which led to a 14-year career at Boeing Quality Assurance on 747 and 767 airplanes. At the end of 1999, Rick opened Hydro Physics Pipe Inspection, the first person to operate underground sewer cameras as an inspection and consultation-only company.

Rick has performed in excess of 25,000 sewer inspections for homeowners, builders, and commercial properties.

Rick and his wife Trina, co-owner and boss, live in Snohomish Washington with their teenage son and occasionally their two daughters who are attending colleges in Washington and Oregon.

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Customers – Customers Reviews

We wanted to give you an idea of the testimonials we’ve received, but felt that it’s even more important to hear about what our customers clients are saying about the reports they are receiving. So these are some quotes from our customers customers.

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