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Why ScribeWare?

As an inspector, your reputation is only as good as the quality of your reports. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but you’ll struggle to prove yourself in the industry if your report doesn’t look modern and professional and doesn’t describe your findings in a readable way.

The good news? Great reports will market your business by themselves, simply through the power of referrals and word of mouth. ScribeWare professional inspection report software was designed from the bottom up to produce great reports.

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ScribeWare Professional Inspection Report Software

ScribeWare was designed from the ground up to produce reports that impress your clients. Other report-writing software solutions have been around for a while, and while this makes them well-known, it can also makes their platforms old and cumbersome.

ScribeWare reports are state-of-the-art interactive HTML web pages (not PDFs) with unlimited full-sized images and videos. Does your report software claim to have HTML reports? Not every HTML report is created equal, so make sure you do a comparison (of course, you can also save ScribeWare reports as PDFs, so you have the best of both worlds).

Choose from an extensive library of comments, professionally written by the author of The Confident House Hunter and other experienced inspectors. Your client will think you typed out every word specifically for them—but you’ll have the confidence of hundreds of peer-reviewed comments behind every report.

ScribeWare’s proprietary Gunnysacks feature allows you to quickly and easily list all the defects within a given system in a single bulleted list, without the repetitive and annoying “Hire a licensed contractor to further evaluate A/B/C, etc” format.

The required items review feature gives you confidence that nothing was missed or skipped prior to delivering your report.

ScribeWare supports unlimited videos and images so you can convey your expertise without bounds.

ScribeWare comes with pre-made, professionally designed templates and comment libraries that fit a wide variety of businesses, regions, and working styles—right out of the box—so you can start building professional-grade reports right away. Plus, ScribeWare offers:

Voice-to-text functionality makes it easy to add longer comments or photo captions in real-time without typing on your mobile device.

Mobile app allows you to work effortlessly on the go, even where there’s no internet access

Collaborate seamlessly with multiple inspectors on the same report—ScribeWare automatically synchs across all devices

Cloud backup guarantees unparalleled data security—no more lost data

Integration with Go Keystone, ISN, and Nxt Inspekt scheduling systems streamline your workflow.

Enjoy the convenience of integrated contact delivery and digital signing.

Stop spending time struggling with clunky, outdated interfaces and kludgy workarounds. ScribeWare users report saving 30 to 90 minutes per job compared to their old software.

Our check-box style workflow is quick and easy to use and comes with pre-written descriptions and pre-built diagrams to cut reporting time down to a minimum.

Our mobile apps are focused on rapid data collection, so you spend more time inspecting and less time hunting and pecking. We even optimize for voice-to-text data collection and presentation.

Automatic synchronization allows multiple inspectors to work on the same property simultaneously. All images and videos are immediately visible to everyone working on the same report (as long as they have mobile coverage).

Connected fields automatically add descriptions and narratives when certain pre-set styles and materials are selected (such as a type of window or roof). You can automatically link these comments to the actual descriptions of the building you are inspecting, so your reports are specific to the property but super quick to write.

Keyword searching allows you to find exactly the right language quickly and easily.

Want to make adjustments to fit your working style?  No problem! You can edit your templates right inside a report using our intuitive interface.

Everything in a ScribeWare report can be customized, including the chapters, sections, fields, styles, materials, and more.

You have the option for unlimited comment modifiers, descriptors, and boilerplate.

Edit the look and feel of your final reports to match your business brand and style.

We are not a “one shop stop” to run your business, do your marketing, pay your taxes, and feed your cat.  Some of our competitors may “do” everything, but they end up doing nothing well. Instead, we focus on being the best reporting software available and let our clients pick the best back-office software for their needs. Our job is to make sure we integrate!

Native integration with ISN, NxtInspet, and iGo Keystone

Integration with Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets, and 5000+ other applications via

We will import your existing templates and libraries from HIP, HomeGuage, InspectIt, Spectora, and others, so none of your investment is lost by switching!

Unfortunately, nearly all of the biggest report-writing software companies in the industry are owned by large companies looking to use your client’s data for marketing purposes—with your implied consent just by simply using their software. At ScribeWare, we believe your relationship with your client is yours and yours alone! 

We will not reach out to your client with any offer, ever.

We will not mine your client’s data to sell to third parties.

Will will not leverage your hard work to make an extra buck behind your back.

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