Is your engineering company still documenting projects in Word and Excel? While these are powerful software systems, they lack the efficiency and functionality of made-for-the-purpose software. ScribeWare delivers a tool for seamlessly collecting field data, backing it up in the cloud, working as a team, and presenting your findings in beautiful reports. 

Collaborate on Large and Lengthy Projects

ScribeWare reports act as living documents. Over time, or as the status of a job changes, you can re-open an existing report, add more data, and re-publish it. This link can even be saved as a QR code on the site. This means that updated data is continuously added to the link, and so everyone involved in a project can see real-time updates to the project status. 

Build Templates to Suit Any Job

Whether you need to document one large project over months or years or lots of small individual projects, ScribeWares’ inspection report system allows you to build templates to suit the job. All report templates become instantly available on your mobile devices and are optimized for data collection in the field. Use pre-made comments from your library or voice-to-speech technology to build your report. Collect data on-site with high-quality pictures and videos. Your data will be uploaded to the cloud, where it can be shared between team members and published into interactive reports.

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Use Any Device and Don’t Worry About Your Data

ScribeWare is designed to run on Mac and PC on desktop and iOS and Android for mobile. This means your team can use ScribeWare without updating computers or devices. Best of all, ScribeWare’s mobile app does not store media in your phone’s gallery. This allows Scribes to collect data and create reports without impacting their personal use of the device. All data collected on the mobile app software will be backed up on the cloud for your security, and we auto-wipe data from mobile devices every two weeks. You have the security of knowing your data is stored in the cloud, and your team won’t have their mobile memory clogged with business data and media. 

Collaborate in Teams

Everyone in your team can have real-time access to the data stored in ScribeWare, making it a perfect tool for collaboration. You can even have one person out in the field collecting data and someone back in the office working on that data simultaneously (assuming a good internet connection). 

Stop Messing With DropBox and Other Cumbersome Data Backup Systems

In ScribeWare, all of your data is constantly backed up as long as you have an internet connection We have produced over 500,000 reports without losing data. 

Need To Work Offline? 

No problem! Our system is a database that lives on your devices. When you return online, your data will sync to the cloud for everyone to use. 

We Are Here to Help

Feel free to reach out for a free one-on-one Zoom consultation to review your company’s needs and see if ScribeWare would be a good fit for your report writing and field data collection. 

Want to See Some Sample Reports of Consultations

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Balcony Inspection for the California Balcony Laws

Roof Consultation  

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