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ScribeWare’s Mobile Application for iOS and Android.

Where do you get the app?

The ScribeWare mobile app is free and available in the Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS devices.

The ScribeWare desktop app is available from our website: www.getscribeware.com. This runs on both macOS and PC systems.

Note: If you install ScribeWare on multiple devices, be sure to download and install using the same email address so the devices sync. 

Can I Finish and Send a Report Onsite with the App?

The app is an amazing data-collection device for photos and videos and can speed up report writing by allowing inspectors to work on a report as they go. We are working toward developing the app as an end to end report-writing solution, meaning reports can be completed and sent from a mobile device on-site. At the moment, though, the mobile app needs to be finished on a desktop to complete the publishing process.

Do I have to Fill Out The Report As I go?

NO! With ScribeWare’s application, you can effortlessly switch between completing a report as you go, or simply taking pictures and videos and inserting them into your gallery for later use when you get back to the office or even just later in the car on your mobile device. This allows inspectors to switch between workflows depending on the job. We know that often the client is with you every step of the way and it can be hard to work on your report as you go. Other times, you are all alone and it is easy to just work directly on the report.

I Have DownLoaded at App and I Would Like Some Directions

The series of photos and illustrations below should help you understand the basic control functions of the app. Please note that if you want to customize the template and/or your library of narratives, you will want to use a desktop Mac or PC for convenience and to be able to simply see everything. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@getscriberware.com and we can help.









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**A Note About Onsite Reporting

A note about onsite reporting is that we believe in some climate zones, this is a risky venture, and we recommend that home inspectors complete reports back in the office, giving them time to consider their reports carefully. This improves the quality of the report, the information provided and reduces the inspectors’ liability. 

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