One of the things I love best about ScribeWare is the community of inspectors working together to help each other. One of the features we are hoping to improve is photo annotation on mobile. In the meantime, Scriber Michael Hazlett has come up with a nice little workaround for iOS devices. The text below is from a post he made on the Scriber’s Forum.
I created an iOS shortcut that allows you to markup/annotate photos without leaving the Scribeware mobile app. I wanted to be able to annotate images with iOS’s stock markup tool because it’s very good and I didn’t want to switch back and forth between apps. It’s not perfect but it allows you to take a photo within Scribeware, annotate it, then “share it back” to Scribeware without actually leaving the app. It doesn’t save it to your phone’s personal photo gallery, which I did purposely although you can have it save there too if you prefer. If any of you are interested, I can send you the shortcut.
Here’s the shortcut link
Click and save it to your iOS device and it will show up the next time you press the share button (box with up arrow) when you have a photo open in
Open a photo in the Scribeware gallery or take a photo anywhere in ScribeWare and open it afterward (thumbnail in the bottom left corner). Press the share button and select “Markup” (the share options order is customizable, so I placed the Markup shortcut at the top for easier access). The photo will then reappear with the iOS markup tools available. Annotate the photo as you please and then select “Done” in the upper left corner; when you do this, the shortcut automatically opens the share menu again. Simply press the Scribeware icon and the annotated image will appear back in Scribeware’s gallery.
About Michael Hazlett
He is the owner of Clarity Property Inspections in the Columbus Ohio area.

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